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our vision

We believe that in a highly robotized future, new jobs will have to be created. With many touching points with the eSports industry, we know skill-based blockchain games can help worldwide amateur players make a living. We’re ready to welcome this new generation of workers, let the game begin!

about us

Composed by a young but experimented team, Experimental is among the first gaming studios in the world to leverage blockchain technologies. Backed by gaming industry veterans in San Francisco and Hong Kong and strategically headquartered in Buenos Aires, Experimental is agile and always pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver fun play-to-earn experiences.

CryptoWars The first fully decentralized RTS on earth

What’s CryptoWars?

CryptoWars is the first strategy game to fully run on Ethereum smart contracts. Build your village, summon your army, protect your tokens and attack your enemies to steal theirs. Thousands of users are already playing and earning!

The Lore

A portal just opened up and a medieval army emerged to shatter your world to almost nothing. Now it’s in your hands to rebuild your civilization - a new chance to reclaim what’s yours. Travel from realm to realm and rise from the ashes.

the founders

Luciano Bertenasco picture

Luciano Bertenasco

Founder & CTO (acquired) - Second-time entrepreneur - Involved in crypto since 2011

Matias Nisenson picture

Matias Nisenson

Founder & CEO (acquired) - Second-time entrepreneur - 2014 GSEA ARG entrepreneur of the year