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about the company

What’s Experimental?

Experimental is showing the world what can be achieved through blockchain technologies by building apps that can be valued by everyone. We are a multidisciplinary team of young but experienced entrepreneurs, backed by a community composed of the most qualified blockchain enthusiasts in the world.

What’s an experiment?

Experiments are blockchain-based apps that have massive-adoption potential. These are suggested and voted by the community (token holders) and developed both technical and business-wise by Experimental’s core team.

Our Vision

The world is realizing that the blockchain technology is here to stay, every day we see a new major organization acknowledging one way or another the benefits of a distributed network. Regardless of the efforts of the blockchain community, the industry leaders, media and governments, there’s still a huge percentage of the population that doesn’t understand how this technology will change the world we know. This is the exact reason why we founded Experimental.

What’s e11?

e11 is Experimental’s own ethereum-based ERC20 token that will play a fundamental role in all our experiments. We want e11 to be an easy-access token for everyone, that’s why users of our experiments will be able to buy them directly from our website without any hassle.

about the first experiment

What’s CryptoWars?

CryptoWars is the first strategy game to fully run on smart contracts. Build your village, summon your army, protect your e11 tokens and attack your enemies to steal theirs.

The Story

A portal just opened up and a medieval army emerged to shatter your world to almost nothing. Now it’s in your hands to rebuild your civilization - a new chance to reclaim what’s yours. Travel from realm to realm and rise from the ashes. Check it out!
Luciano Bertenasco

Luciano Bertenasco | Technical Lead

Founder & CTO (acquired) - Second-time entrepreneur - Involved in crypto since 2011

Matias Nisenson

Matias Nisenson | Business Lead

Founder & CEO (acquired) - Second-time entrepreneur - 2014 GSEA ARG entrepreneur of the year

Sebastian Giro

Sebastian Giro | Fullstack Developer

Former front-end dev (acquired) - 2016 Microsoft startup competition winner

Ramiro Manzolido

Ramiro Manzolido | UI/UX

Former UI/UX lead (acquired) - 2016 Microsoft startup competition winner

Federico Alvarez

Federico Alvarez | Dev-Ops

Former back-end dev @Etermax (Game studio with 250+ employees and millions of users around the globe)

Francisco Diaz

Francisco Diaz | Fullstack Developer

Former back-end dev (acquired) - Professional competitive gamer

Lara Rovner

Lara Rovner | Chief of Staff

Psychologist - HR Expert

Ernesto Gallegos

Ernesto Gallegos | Community Ambassador

Geologist, Professor, PhD - Science Lead at - Founder of Argenpool

ROADMAP 2017 - 2018
Aug 28
PRE-SALE opens
Nov 15
Crypto Wars Sneak Peek (reel + white-paper)
General token sale
Jun 1
Crypto Wars beta release (only for backers)
Oct 1
Crypto Wars public release
Dec 1
Community brainstorms and votes next experiment


Why are we raising a PRE-SALE round?
Our most important asset is the Experimental community, we need an active, motivated and ambitious group of people that will help us decide the future of our experiments. That’s why we decided to select 300 individuals and let them invest 1 ETH as a commitment. Many of our backers asked to invest a higher amount so now it’s capped at 10 ETH. The funds will be used for brand awareness and development of the first experiment’s whitepaper, reel and coding.
Why is the first experiment a game?
A game is a clear demonstration of how the blockchain could be applied to all industries and not only to finance. Our team has the right skills to build a high-quality game. It gets the attention of the audience and helps with awareness for Experimental.
Why does it take “so long” to get the first experiment finished?
We want to build a sustainable company, we are committed to Experimental and will work to build robust products that will be widely used by the whole globe. Things will be done wisely, we will do many previous releases to the beta to get the word of mouth going.
Should I invest in Experimental?
If you believe in the blockchain technology, like sharing and discussing ideas, and see a world that could be greatly upgraded with this tech, then you should. You’ll invest in our vision, but you’ll also get connected to a network of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals that share the same values.